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Same day Abortion Services in Wonderpark, Roslyn

We offer same day medical abortions using medically approved abortion pills. It is safe, legal and pain free.

 our clinic, we have a wide range of services, abortion services, infertility, menstruation problems and a full service package of sexual and reproductive health services,safe abortion to meet our clients needs.

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Our services are provided by experienced gynecologists & Medical Nurses to give you medical care and counseling.

Abortion Clinic in Wonderpark

Abortion Clinic in Hatfield

Our women clinic is a legalized women health care clinic with an experience of over 16 years specializing in women health care and safe abortion,we offer safe and pain free abortion services using better methods and pills,our aim is to bring the termination of unwanted pregnancy to those who seek the services which is convenience,confidential and private at a low affordable price,its same day,it takes only 1 hour procedure plus free womb cleaning.Our medical staff are well trained they provide you with excellent medical care and counseling. We offer the safest abortion services,we make sure that every client,s emotional and physical needs are met,we focus on giving the women the help they need to be re-productively health throughout their lives.At our clinic you receive the highest quality care for all your termination of pregnancy,including reproductive health needs.We also do deliveries of abortion pills for people who can not come in due to personal problems or work related problems..

In S.Africa  the choice on termination of pregnancy Act 1996 allows an expectant mother to terminate the pregnancy through safe and cost effective termination.We only use safe and tested drugs which are administered by our professionals ensuring that the abortion is quick and safe.We offer the safest abortion services accompanied by the attitude of warmth and respect,we make sure that every client,s emotional and physical needs are met,we are well known for providing excellent medical care.We offer advice and support to ensure that all our clients are able to make an informed decision regarding abortion and other services.              Our main goal is to prevent unwanted pregnancy,we believe that every woman should be able to have children  by choice,Teenage pregnancy can be prevented  by use of effective birth control methods,family planning and sex education.